Dallas Wedding Photography | Perkins

LaCrecia& Jakeem

Date | 7.20.13

Dallas Wedding Photographer| MoormannPhotography

Ceremony Location| Unity Church on Greenville

Reception Location| The Oasis Ballroom

I worked at a grocery store in Dallas. While there I worked with Jakeem’s Brother and he suggested that I talk to his younger brother. I gave him my number to give to Jakeem. Of course, he takes down the WRONG number! The next time I see him, he scolds me for giving him the wrong number. I try to explain that HE is the one who wrote my number incorrectly. Anyways, I gave him the correct number and a picture of myself to give to Jakeem. Apparently, his brother did not trust me, because he goes to the floral department of the store and uses the phone to call my cell, just make sure the number is correct. It was. In the next few days, Jakeem called me and the rest is history.

There was no one enlightening event that told me that Jakeem was “the one.” As we grew up together and our relationship evolved, I just got more evidence of how great he was. I loved the way he held and protected me. He made me feel safe and secure in his arms. I loved the way he was with children and family. I got to a point where I started to think about him before myself because I knew that he was doing the same for me. We are best friends, lovers, teammates and soul mates!

There is not one moment that I fell in love with LaCrecia. I liked the fact that she was very down to earth and very goal oriented.

I had an idea that a proposal was coming but I did not know how, when, or where. I knew Jakeem had been really broke lately. Since the beginning of 2012, he and I had planned to go to Oakland, California for his family reunion. I had never been to California nor had I ever met his extended family. While there, I wanted us to see the sights, so I did a lot of planning to see different tourist attractions in San Francisco. On July 5th 2012, me, Jakeem, his Brother and his wife went on a boat cruise to the Golden Gate Bridge. I was so excited for the day that I had no idea Jakeem was thinking proposal. The boat took us under the bridge and on the way back Jakeem gets on one knee and proposes to me!!! Of course, I start crying immediately. Needless to say, I didn’t pay attention to any more of the tour. I started to call all my family to tell them about the good news. Little did I know, Jakeem had already told everyone! I was the only one who had no idea!

The proposal was 10 months in the planning. I wanted to propose in August of 2011 when we were in Vegas, but I did not want to take away from her birthday. So, I planned to propose when we went to California July 2012. I was nervous taking the ring because I did not want LaCrecia to find out. LaCrecia planned a boat cruise across the Golden Gate Bridge with my brother and Sister-in-law, so I thought “perfect timing.”


I love Jakeem’s optimism! I tend to worry about EVERYTHING and he always keeps me motivated and encouraged.
I love how LaCrecia is always willing and able to help others and me without looking for anything in return.


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