Dallas Wedding Photography | Crain

Ryann & Sean

Date | 8.17.13

Dallas Wedding Photographer| MoormannPhotography

HMUA| Stephanie Banks

Ceremony and Reception Location|Jesse and Tiffany Woskowicz lake house on Amon Cater Lake

Wedding Cake| Chris Foster – The Cake Cotourier

Band| Chad Mcbride and the Drifters

DJ| David Fredrick.

Food|Peggy and Larry Price

Important Helpers| Robert Mitchell, Nana & Jim Hand

To understand the story you first have to understand me…(Sean).
I’ve always been a very laid back person that usually doesn’t approach someone, I wait for them to come to me.  Not scared of rejection but seeing a beautiful woman like Ryann, I couldn’t help but think that she probably has guys throwing themselves at her daily, so I want to give her the respect needed by leaving her alone…

One night in the year 2009, I attended a birthday party for a friend of mine at a local pub.  There were around 50-60 people total there, but only one stood out to me.  There was this little blonde hair beauty with the self esteem to over power the shyest of shy.  She walked in like she owned the place, with her head held high and confidence surrounding her like a cloud.  And it wasn’t a cocky walk, it was a, “this is who I am, like it or turn your head.”  I couldn’t help but continue to watch this thing of beauty as she walked up to “our” group of friends.  The night carried on like any other night, laughing, joking, dancing, and some singing.  Except this time there was a new face that was catching my attention constantly.  She was the center of attention, she was the life of the party, everyone was watching her, well I was at least.  There was a time during the night where my dream had come true, she walked over to me, as I notice her approaching I’m thinking to myself, “don’t spill your drink, it’s only a girl, she won’t bite, (found out later she does), stay calm!!”   There was no “hello” nor “hi”, just a simple, “can I borrow your lighter?”  Whew, escaped a bullet there.  I wasn’t ready to speak to a girl with such conviction, such unknowing power.

I continued to watch her throughout the night, then the dream was over, she was gone.  The only thing I had was a thought that I carried around for two years, “I could marry that girl!!!!”

Two years later, August 20th 2011, I was with some of my buddies and one of their wives was having a girls night at a little bar across town.  We all debated on crashing it or going our own way.  Well we decided to crash it!  It was just a normal night for us guys, fantasy football draft that day, a little beer drinking that night.  I went to the bar to grab a round for the guys and two steps to my left standing there with the same cloud of confidence, wearing cutoff jean shorts, a little kids shirt, and some cowboys boots, was the girl of my dreams.  When I saw her it was like nothing else mattered, the music faded, the crowd went mute, the lights dimmed, but not around her, it felt like we were the only ones at the bar.  Well it felt like that to me, she still didn’t know who I was or even if I existed.

The night went on, while playing some darts I notice her pass through a walk way, it was then I thought to myself, “I’m not letting her get away twice.”  I then turned to my friend and said, “I have to meet her, who is that?”  He then proceeded to call her over.  Hands getting sweaty, throat was getting clogged, heart beat was rising and all I could think about was, “don’t screw this up!!”  “Hi, I’m Sean.”  “I’m Ryann, nice to meet you but I have to pee.”  And there she went…  She went her way and I went mine.  Bound and determined I wasn’t going to stop there.  I approached her again and it paid off, we shared laughs, stories, dances, songs, and last but not least numbers!!  It was a fairy tale that i was living!!  At the end of the night my ride was ready to leave so he asked if I was ready, at that time I felt a boot slam into my shin.  She wasn’t ready for me to leave.  So I did what any man would do, didn’t think about how I was getting home, but I stayed.  We danced and laughed some more, carried on like we’d known each other forever….  That was the best decision I’ve even made.

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