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Dallas Wedding Photogaphy | Hayden

Elizabeth & Jason

Date | 04.12.14

Dallas Wedding Photographer| MoormannPhotography

Ceremony Location| Coppell Community Center

Reception Location|  Coppell Community Center

Flowers| Marla Havins

DJ | Barney Catala


We first “met” at a dance club called Sting. We are both salsa dancers and Sting was having an event here. We have mutual freinds and at one point the DF played a hip-hop song. Liz came over and danced with me and her friends. Then she walked off. We didn’t actually talk until maybe a month later. She doesn’t remember dancing with me. Ha 🙂

K1024_8_10 (130)
I knew he is the one the second week. It was a Wednesday. I just knew.

It wasn’t one moment until I knew she is the one. It was a series of moments!

K1024_8_10 (101)

Before the proposal I was pretty nervous. It is a life changing moment that changes your direction.

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Liz is a genuinely nice person, and cares about others. I couldn’t marry someone who was gossipy or mean spirited.

Jason has a good heart and is kind, and he is so goofy! He makes me laugh!

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Jason stuffs his shoes with old ratty paper. It is weird. Ok not all of it is old, but some of it is.

Liz is cold when it is 75 degrees. She gets cold when it isn’t even cold.

K1024_Or (2)

Besides getting married I am looking forward to share the day and moment with family and friends and also to the first bride and groom dance.

I am looking forward to eating my best friend’s wedding cake. She is making it for me.

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colors black, white and red and lots of roses

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